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A personal page to get to know my work and my personal self. Hello, my name is Aura Izzmi, a designer that has a background study in visual communication design. I studied in my capital city, Jakarta {🌇} with almost two years of experience as a designer for a lot of projects. graphic design.UI/UX design.illustration.motion design.Currently, learn much about UX research and design. Within here, are various design artwork and some of my personal projects are my precious babies {🥹👶} some will continue to grow.

Artworks Archive

A design portfolio, case study, graphic design works, and much more

Cassette Collection

Personal project to enhance my creativity. I love 60s, 70s, 80s music. I try to make this digital documentation of some cassettes. Thanks to my father's cassette collection I can see albums from that time period and see the design of that time {📼}

Video Trip on TikTok

I'd like to share my trip on video. Visit my TikTok Aura Hafizh/@daydreamr.a (

Support SDGs

SDGs Jakarta

I support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in SDGs Jakarta. Managing SDGs Jakarta social media and its content to making supporting graphic content.

Creative in Impactional

I'm part of Creative Division for Impactional's 2023 program. Led small creative team {👩🧑🙌} support graphic content for Ambassador and ImpactYou! program.



I send regards..

I appreciate your visit. Last but not least, live long and prosper {🖖}

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